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Interesting stuff about EV Batteries

Interesting stuff about EV batteries

The world of EV batteries is evolving rapidly and we are convinced that we are in for an interesting ride! The world desperately needs to move away from using fossil fuels and batteries may well be part of the solution. In this section of the website we will add anything that people may find interesting about batteries, including negative stuff. Please feel free to suggest articles or research that you think should be included in this section. Just click on the suggestions button so contact us.

Can battery life be extended through regular use?

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This is the fascinating but somewhat technical paper which explores what happens to the health of a battery when used regularly for V2G (vehicle to grid) technology. The results are very encouraging and indicate that it could benefit the life of the battery 


Click HERE to view the full paper

Three fascinating videos tracking Shiela's experience of her Nissan Leaf powering the Grid

We simply love Shiela and I am sure you will too. This series of video explains how Shiela was keen to connect up her new Nissan Leaf to the Grid. 

Whilst V2G (vehicle to grid) technology is different to the EV power stations that our website is dedicated to, it is interesting to see how taking power from an EV affects it's life and health. This is revealed in the third video after she has been using it for one year. We will continue to monitor how she gets on.

We are convinced that whilst the charging of EVs may put a strain on the national grid as they become more popular, it is also likely they they may well form part of the solution.

I hope that you will enjoy these videos - A big thanks to Shiela for creating such interesting and entertaining videos

How recyclable are batteries from electric cars?

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Electric cars aim to be 'green', but what about their batteries? Here's what you need to know about electric car battery recycling.

This very interesting article talks about how existing EV batteries a presently recycled and what the future will look like.

See the article on this LINK

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