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We just want to see EV's being used to replace generators that consume fossil fuels. Electric vehicles have big batteries that can be used to power other things in a clean and environmentally friendly way. We aim to make it easy for people to feel confident about using this greener technoloy.

A bit more about us. 


A bit of history and what we are trying to do.​


When Nissan launched the Leaf, the first mass production Electric Vehicle in 2010 they could see the potential for the vehicles to become efficient and clean mobile power stations. They even sent 62 Nissan Leaf vehicles to help provide temporary power to help with a rescue effort after an earthquake back in 2012 proving the concept that this could be a reality and we could see EV's being used to replace diesel and petrol powered generators.

Ever since that date we have been waiting for the EV power stations to become available in the UK and Europe. The time for waiting has ended, we have given up waiting for Nissan to export the power stations to the UK and will bring them in ourselves.

Screenshot 2020-12-11 at 20.06.46.png

We are not a normal business where we will hold lots of stock but we aim to help people to import their own in batches with other interested people. This will help to reduce import costs and make the paperwork, paying duties an VAT etc much more simple.

We know that people will be nervous about spending money on these units without first seeing them which is why we have introduced a hiring system when potential buyers can use them for a few days and see the potential that they hold to enable us all to reduce our carbon emissions.

We also want to become a hub where people can share their experience of the various EV Power stations so we have created a forum where we hope people will share knowledge.

Please do contact us for more details or if you have any comments.

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