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We are small start up business and our aim is to enable people to invest in EV power station in order to reduce emissions. We are committed to finding a wide variety of resources but we are starting small! We only hold stock to be hired but will take orders for our next shipment. 

The 3kw Setec Power station

Hopefully the video above will answer most of your questions but here are some of the technical details:

Introduction: The Setec Power device is a 3000 watt inverter that can communicate to an EV battery via the CHAdeMO V2H protocol. The EV Power Station makes use of CHAdeMO standard allowing discharging from an EV battery, turning the vehicle into a mobile source of electricity. This device enables mobile backup power anywhere. The unit continually senses the level of charge remaining in the vehicle battery and will stop operating when the charge drops to 30% so you will not be left with a flat battery.

Other bits:

  • 3000 watts peak power

  • Will stop drawing power when EV battery charge level drops to 30%

  • Two multi-type plug sockets suitable for UK 13 amp plug and europeans plugs

  • Supplied with the CHAdeMo cable

  • Provides Pure sign wave suitable for sensitive electrical equipment

  • Compact size will easily fit into the boot of car.

  • Easy grip handle

Technical Specifications SETEC 3KW.png
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