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Why start EV2Power

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Lets me start this blog by introducing myself.


I have always been interested in environmental issues but have become increasingly concerned about climate change. New technology is by far not the only way in which we can tackle climate change but I am a strong believer that we should make use of it where we can to reduce emissions.

In 2013 we got our first Nissan leaf on a 3 year lease. All it took was one test drive and there was no looking back. In 2016 we got our second leaf but as we were so impressed by the car we decided by by a second hand model outright. Nearly 5 years later, we have no regrets and still love it.

For the past 12 years my business partner and I have build up a sound, lighting and events company where we often have to provide power in remote places and we normally provide diesel powered generators.

Ever since taking delivery of our first Leaf, I have been waiting for the EV power station to come to the UK. We had seen videos of these devices being used in Japan but for an unknown reason they were never made available to the UK or Europe. I did loads of research and it was clear from the chatter that there was increasing frustration amongst some EV owners that they could not be sourced in the UK so I decided to try and source a unit direct from the factory.

From what I can find so far, there appears to be three manufactures of the EV power stations. I decided to import two from the Setec factory in China as their units appeared simple to use and they were also small enough to easily transport in the boot of the leaf. I ordered their two models - the 3KW and the 6KW version which are featured on the video.

I have been very impressed.

I must also give Russell from a big thank you. He has also been importing these units but into the USA. He responded very quickly to my questions and willingly shared his experiences. He has also made some very useful video that can be seen on his website.

The next step in the story is deciding what business model to adopt. The main motivating force for me is to enable people to stop using traditional generators powered by fossil fuel when these devices could be used instead to provide clean, green, quiet and efficient power. Whilst I will be using mine to provide power at events, I can see that these units could well be used at building sites or anywhere you see generators.

We a have decided that we will offer up the units for hire in the expectation that people will quickly want to order their own. People will have the choice to contact Setec direct and arrange shipment themselves but we will offer a service whereby we will then coordinate shipments of 10 units to be shipped over for people who have chosen this option. So, once we have orders for 10 units, we will order them in for you. We will handle all the money transfers, shipping agents, payment of duties and VAT and all other expenses which do mount up.

We hope that by offering this service we will do our bit to help people reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

This website was launched on 9th December after I put together the rather embarrassing video. Let's see how things go. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.


Christian Lange

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